How Criminals use stolen cards

Be Aware: Fast Online Shopping with Stolen Credit Card Numbers

In the era of digital technology, it isn’t very easy for people to keep their personal data safe. In particular, the credit card information is often accessed by smart scammers. However, not everyone is smart enough to use this information and avoid getting figured out and caught.

To covert stolen credit card numbers into real money is a challenge. There are a lot of different ways to do it, and most of them do not need the new credit card user to have an OTP. They will by-pass OTP.

The owners of these credit cards may think that it is impossible to use the credit card data because once the theft is revealed, it is reported to the bank and police. But fast and experienced fraudsters can use the money even during this short period. Everyone should be aware of these methods in order to avoid any unpleasant situations. 

The fraudsters usually buy things from reliable allies, purchasing something offline with the stolen credit card data. Ways to buy stuff online do also exist. 

In this article, we provide you with standard information for educational purposes. The usage of this information is your personal responsibility. You can decide whether to use it for protection or criminal purposes.

Gift Cards Make Profit

When the scammer uses this method, he or she buys Gift cards from different Gift card shops. They may choose any from iTunes, Steam, Google Play, Amazon, etc. It depends on the cards’ values. In most cases, Amazon is the priority because of its high value. For example, iTunes gift cards are not as valuable as they once were.

Developers Need Help

Did you know that money can be spent on plugins, hosting, and domain names? Scammers with enough IT knowledge can buy all these things easily. Many hosting and domain registrars do not verify billing addresses thoroughly. Usually, they immediately accept the stolen credit card data and grant scammers access to the things they desire. 

This makes such IT shopping easy and safe for fraudsters. Even if the crime is reported by the hosting registrar, it makes no difference. All the money is already spent by the time it arrives in the new bank account.

Resale of Website Themes

The fraudsters create safe routes to use the stolen credit card data online. One of them is to purchase website themes in bulk and sell them cheaper to interested parties like website developers, bloggers, or theme resellers. In this case, the scammer becomes a kind of theme reseller.

People always want to buy something they want at a lower price. That is why this approach works, especially for premium themes. There are many places on the internet where fraudsters can find people interested in website themes. The profit gained from such methods is extremely high. Instead of selling the theme for 60 $, the scammer sells it for 30 $ to many people – the amount he could gain is almost limitless.

Find Your Hacker

The average fraudster cannot or does not have the means to load and wire money from one bank to another in a safe way. Only a hacker can pull off this kind of transfer. This is why many fraudsters try to find hackers who can handle credit card details. Of course, they sell the data to them. It may be hard, but it is definitely safer.

The profit level depends on the amount of money inside and the credit score. To find an appropriate candidate, scammers use the following approaches:

  • The obvious one: to post on forums with an anonymous identity
  • Another obvious one: to visit the dark web
  • Instagram post (even there it is possible to find someone)
  • The lucky one: to ask for referrals from other G-boys (credit card hackers)

Life is easier for fraudsters if they work in groups in which each person has a particular function. Many crimes were carried out by such groups of people, and not individuals.

Complicated Online Shopping

Online shopping becomes complicated when the scammer only has details and credit card numbers.

Most online shops are dangerous for fraudsters, but some specific ones provide secure shopping even if credit card data gets stolen. Obviously, these stores are known to the scammers.

These web resources were designed specifically for credit card hackers that want to shop online. This is why they are not open to just anybody out there.

Additionally, the fraudster also can shop on other online stores with OTP. In this case, he or she should hide the destination address in order not to be caught. The typical scheme works as follows:

  • The scammer knows the billing address
  • The scammer creates a mole destination address
  • He or she uses the details of the stolen credit card (and does not use his or her real name)
  • The scammer has about four destinations before finally arrives at the final one (which is also not a real destination)

Once everything is prepared, they start to shop online. Steps to spend money:

  • Creating a profile like a typical user
  • Shopping with a real card, to begin with (it is necessary for proper verification)
  • Changing the billing address to a mole one
  • Using a stolen credit card number the next time they shop

How to Catch the Fraudster

In our civilized world, with strict laws and procedures, it is very easy for agencies to track illegal money transactions. All fraudsters are just people and often make mistakes. Typical errors are:

  • Not using the correct billing address (see above)
  • Visiting offline stores to make purchases
  • Using real names and addresses (see above)
  • Using a Chrome browser (Google is watching us all)
  • Not making use of a VPN

These are the most common mistakes that help investigators reveal thefts. There are many others, so there’s no need to be in a panic if your card is stolen.


Each protected system has its gaps. The fraudsters use these gaps to make money in different ways. However, even experienced ones make mistakes. It is possible to use stolen credit card numbers, but fraudsters can also be easily caught. Be careful!