Wish Carding Methods

Have you ever heard of the Wish e-commerce system? If not, we wonder why not. Over 500 million traders trust their businesses in the hands of Wish.com. Why wouldn’t you join them and earn millions of dollars?

There is plenty of guidance for cracking accounts, becoming a skillful carder, and anything else. This article is not about ponies and fairy-tales. Learning something new always takes courage. Nobody can become super rich overnight. But if you make the effort, the result will make up for any struggles you may experience. The information given below provides a perfect place to start your journey. 

The Wish carding method is slightly different from what you might have seen before. But there is nothing too tricky about it; here are the main points you have to keep in mind. A beginner can easily get himself stuck in a dangerous situation where he won’t know the way out. That’s why you’re highly recommended to read this article, learn the material, and only act afterward. Good luck!

You need to start by buying a cracked Wish account. If you have been in the industry for some time, you may know Context Logic, one of the Google creatures. Initially, Wish was an application that helped buyers and sellers find each other and provided proper delivery. Since then, lots of carders and companies have started mutual relationships with Wish.

This unexpected event thrust Wish into the spotlight. It became famous through word of mouth in 2017. Its revenue reached $11.2 billion dollars in 2019. Who can predict what is yet to come?

Wish Carding Requirements

Let’s see what you’re going to need if you want to start making money with the help of the Wish.com.

Wish Account

Naturally, you can’t use a regular Wish account to card Wish.com. You need to either crack it or to buy one ready for you to use. It mustn’t be more than $15.

VPN or Socks5

Anonymity is highly important, so don’t forget to check if your VPN is working properly. If you want to become a pro, you will definitely need a premium account. Socks5 is free and is suitable for beginners, but it needs to be adjusted to work with the Firefox browser. 

PC or a Mobile Phone

Using a PC is always more convenient – it is more powerful, the screen is bigger, and so on. Still, this is just a recommendation. Work on the device you’re used to. Don’t forget to disable your location services in any case. Microsoft or Apple will track you down in no time, and you’re going to be in big trouble. That’s why it is better to use an Android device. Usually, it’s easier to download all the necessary applications on this type of phone. 

Live CC Fullz

You can easily buy it from the darknet, just please be careful. Obviously, it’s hard to find reviews for darknet sellers, but try to browse some relevant forums or ask your friends if they are involved. Don’t fall for low prices and bonuses. On the contrary, you must be ready to pay commission or some other fee except the cost of the Live CC Fullz. 

You can successfully use the Wish carding method without CC Fullz, so don’t worry if you can’t find a reliable source. Still, it is worth making some additional effort and spending some time looking for it.

Drop Address

People call the place where an item drops the drop address. It works like this: if you live in a country far far away (in India, for instance) you can card something to the USA. Then an American carder will be able to follow the thing to India. This procedure is usually free, but sometimes a small fee is required.

Email Address

If you have chosen to card with CC, you will definitely need an Email address. It’s a stereotype that it’s better to use an address that you can easily forget about, relating to some unknown company. Nevertheless, many professional carders recommend Google or Yahoo services, as they can hide the IP address of the person who has sent a message. Google does it for sure; you need to check with Yahoo managers for this option. Just be careful.

What Can You Do without CC

First of all, as has been mentioned above, you need to buy a cracked Wish account or create it by yourself. If you are not sure how to do it properly, it’s better to leave your fate in the hands of professionals. $10 or $15 dollars is not a sufficient sum of money when it comes to these matters. It’s recommended that you try to crack an account by yourself. Of course, this can be challenging to start with, but many people learn how to do it. This skill will definitely be useful later. 

Your next step is to log in. After this, you need to place an order and change the shipping address. That’s all you need to do!

Don’t forget about some precautions.

  1. If you log in with a different IP address, Wish security bots may suspect that something is going wrong. To avoid getting into trouble, make sure that your IP address is traceable to the Wish account owner. Add something to your cart with a total sum of no more than $50. Log out and clean the cache. You are safe now.
  2. Wait for a while before logging in again. It is better to wait for an hour or so. Place an order. 
  3. If you see the sign “Checkout” instead of “Place an Order”, don’t panic. It happens sometimes. Just log out, clean the cache, and log in again after an hour and a half. 
  4. Don’t forget to change the shipping address to the dropshipping one. You will see two options – Express and Standard. You shouldn’t be afraid and should choose Express shipping. Your order will arrive within five to eight business days. For the Standard shipping, you may have to wait for up to 21 business days. Who wants to wait that long?
  5. Prepare your fake ID. The courier has a right to demand it from you. The bright side is that they never have very good equipment to check if it is real. So just get yourself something that will look real. 
  6. Sometimes it is better to shut down your VPN and turn on a proxy.
  7. For anyone using Avast – disable firewalls on your PC. This is a temporary, not a permanent action.

Installing the Software – How to Do It Properly

  • Extract all the material.
  • Get a keyword for Slayer Leech
  • Agree to all the options
  • Press “weekly” in the “results” section
  • If the same number is on the screen for five minutes or longer, press “Stop”. Of course, you can do this earlier.
  • Press “Filtering” and “grab”
  • You will be sent to the following window
  • Have the Email and the password combo in the “Result Type” section
  • Agree to all the links and let the program begin
  • Delete duplicates
  • Open your account on Wish and let the program start again.

Will I Be Banned for Using a Cracked Wish Account?

To get straight to the point, being smart enough guarantees that you avoid being banned. Wish only punishes users who carry out suspicious actions. Behave naturally; don’t let your emotions control you; don’t be too greedy and always work with a clear mind. 

There is one simple, golden rule – don’t change your address before buying something and always change it afterward. 

HQ Proxies for Free

Yep, this may sound like a dream, but it’s true. There are many ways to have HQ proxies, but thery’re only two methods that are reliable and really work.

With the Help of Russians

Not Russians, to be exact, but a Russian website called moxyproxy. If you don’t know the language, avoid using Google translate – it is not the best solution for privacy reasons. You will have a 30 min trial, and then you will have to activate your proxy via Telegram and your phone number.

Residential Packet in the Rsocks.net

Send a request for a free trial packet on this website. Give all the required information, and have your proxy valid for sixty minutes.

The Advantages of Carding Wish.com

There are several reasons for choosing Wish.com as your financial ally. First of all, a lot of the sellers on this website are independent. You can, of course, find card dependent sellers as well, but this is a horrible idea for a beginner or a person who has some idea of what he is doing.

Small fees for shipping are another advantage of Wish.com. If your order is under 2 kg, the cost of the delivery is pleasantly low – sometimes, you can even have free shipping.

Many packages come from China. Usually, this implies that the goods are of low quality. No one will ever bother to double-check anything. Low security is something that attracts many carders to Wish, regardless of their experience.

The icing on the cake is that there is no chance that the seller and Wish.com can communicate adequately. Right now, you might be witnessing plenty of attempts to change the situation for the better, but we all have seen it before. The situation is highly unlikely to change in the near future, so you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, questionnaires and long talks can help to provide both sellers and buyers with good support. There are some innovations that are yet to come, but all of them are ineffective.

If you are interested in buying something that goes against the law in your country, think about Wish.com. Nobody talks about it openly, which is quite understandable, but if some of your friends, for some personal reasons, need a gun or some goods that are not exactly legal, you can advise them to check out Wish.com. The funny thing is that they will pack these kinds of parcels very neatly, meaning that no one else will think that this box may contain something forbidden. This is another reason to love and adore this website, as discreteness is a very important matter when it comes to personal stuff. It is obvious that Wish.com cares about its clients.

Here is the main information you may find handy if you have just started to think about your carding career. Of course, you will have some questions when you start doing it yourself, but don’t hesitate and don’t say “No” to your dreams. Thousands and thousands of people have already changed their lifestyles and achieved great results. Don’t even think for one second that you can’t do the same.

Good luck with the uneasy, but also captivating and wonderful road to your dreams!